Read here the testimonials of those who have commissioned watercolor paintings with Wendy MacCordy.

IMG_1731“We were given a portrait of our house a a gift. What a beautiful, unique, and thoughtful gift. We have hung it in a place of honor in our entry way so that it can be enjoyed by everyone who enters. The expertise of Wendy’s work comes through in the warmness of her art. We were so impressed with our portrait that we commissioned Wendy to do one for a family member who is one of those people that is impossible to buy for because they seem to have everything they need. They, too, are thrilled to have received a wonderful/unique gift that they can treasure forever.”

Linda and Al Palm City, Florida

IMG_1726“Wendy, I received one of your beautiful paintings of my house as a gift from my niece. She lives in Florida and had received her house portrait as a gift. (I am visiting with her currently). It is with pride that I hang your painting in the foyer of my house. Your interpretation of my home from just photographs was wonderful and we are very pleased to display your work. Your talent is exceptional and anyone who commissions you for a painting is giving themself a gift.”

Bob Savannah, Georgia


IMG_1762In Wendy’s home portraits work, her artistic skill is obvious; but more that that, her commitment to capturing the unique nuances of a place is powerfully evident. Wendy’s sensitive rendering of a beloved place – my mother-in-law’s childhood home – allowed us to give a wonderful, personal, gift to a most special person, and we are very grateful.”

Cathy Derwood, Maryland


wendynew“Choosing my favorite Wendy MacCordy’s painting is difficult. I’m currently sitting under my latest favorite – a watercolor of my husband and I coming ashore in our favorite harbor. Wendy’s paintings for us mirror our lives, ranging from boats to flowers, landscapes and harbor scenes. Wendy’s art offers people the gift of momories; whether family, pets or favorite places-they last forever on her canvas.”

Danielle and Nick Weston, Connecticut


“MAGNIFICENT! I commissioned Wendy MacCordy to do a painting for my father’s 70th birthday. The painting was of an apple tree in his backyard. Wendy’s interpretation of this tree produced a painting that was purely magical. My father is an art collector and this work immediately became his most treasured piece!”

Stephanie Fairfield, Connecticut